Amazon In The Cloud

Jun 10 2011

By Athena Frost

Amazon in the cloud, Music Business Journal 

The launch of Amazon Inc.’s new cloud drive and cloud player services has both the tech world and the music industry in a frenzy. Although it was the next logical step in music technology, experts have expressed their surprise that it was Amazon and not Apple or Google to get things going.

The term “cloud” refers to files that have been uploaded to the Internet and are available from any computer. This is the sole function of Amazon’s cloud drive; creating one spot for you to host you music files so that they can be accessed from all of your personal and work computers and even your Smartphone. “These are all separate collections you have to manage,” said Brian Coley, the Editor of CNET. “What Amazon is saying is keep it all on the cloud, which means just on the internet, and access it through any laptop, any Smartphone, any tablet and connected cars. So you’re moving it from a bunch of hard drives to one place on the internet.”

The first deal Amazon is offering includes 5Gb of free storage space, which is only a little more than 1000 songs. However, with the purchase and download of any one of Amazon’s MP3 albums you receive 20Gb storage for the first year. After that deals start at 20Gb for $20 a year, which is infinitely less than you would spend on multiple external hard drives when backing up your files. Continue reading…

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